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some of our city projects...
thompson street

our team needed a place to rest our heads at the end of a busy workday so, we took this adorable little diamond in the rough and turned it into an oasis, in the heart of a bustling metropolis. we removed a wall to marry the kitchen and to create a more fluid floor plan. we incorporated architectural details from victorian homes, reclaimed barnwood from bucks county pa.and metal collected from our journeys. the result of a team of artists co~creating a space is a peaceful and playful apartment which is a haven for entertaining and recharging.

east 9th street
a a professional entertainer with a unique eye. we had a lot of fun transforming this east village apartment into a well-appointed oasis for his study and his leisure almost eight years ago. in january 2011 we started all over. as with any living space his apartment had become cluttered and he was ready for a major change. from skylight to wooden spoon and everything in between we turned his wishes into reality, like magic.
east 10th street
a remarkable gem in the east village. we tore it down to the bricks…and didn't put back any more than absolutely necessary. during the process we infused elements from all sources, consistently conscious of repurposing and reusing salvaged materials to create a design as effortless as it is decadent.
east village

a young broker / investor who purchased his first bachelor pad. we took a boxy one bedroom and replaced it with a sexy and swank hideaway with exposed brick and beam, bleached floors and stainless steel kitchen.

east 9th street

a professional entertainer with a unique eye. we had a lot of fun transforming this east village apartment into a well-appointed oasis for his study and
his leisure.

bed stuy - brooklyn

two artists/educators living in a funky space in brooklyn asked us to create a haven within their space.

upper east side

a venture capitalist and his wife with a sprawling space and entertaining needs. we created an elegant yet simple platform for  everything from catered dinner parties to weekend soirees, as well as a lovely bedroom for their 7-year-old daughter.

upper west side

a lawyer on the upper west side.  spending most of her social home time in her kitchen, she longed for a calming space reminiscent of the french countryside.